Domestic adoption of children currently in the protection system

Stefan COJOCARU, 2008, “Domestic adoption of children currently in the protection system”, Revista de cercetare si interventie sociala, vol 21, pp.73-78, ISSN: 1583-3410 (tipar), 1584-5397 (electronic).

The article proposes an analysis of the evolution of domestic adoption of children in the context of new legislation concerning the promotion of children’s rights. The data presented is the result of a national study that aimed to identify the way the goals of individualised protection plans are pursued. The picture resulting from the analysis of data shows the development of certain practices in the field of domestic adoption that have led to a decrease of the number of adopted children and to an evasion of the protection system. The development of the practice of placing in adopting families children who have been abandoned in the maternity ward and the reduction in the number of children cared for in the child protection system point to a new social reality as far as the Romanian domestic adoption system is concerned, and the article discusses precisely this new reality.
domestic adoption; individualised protection plans; the goals of individualized protection plans; case management; placement;
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