Child rights based analysis of children…

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The purpose of the analysis is to identify the causes which lead to the loss of parental care in Romania, the risks faced by the children at risk of losing parental care, the children’s rights which are most often violated and the consequences thereof. Moreover, the research aims at identifying the main trends in Romania with respect to social problems that affect children and their families, to support certain actions which must be undertaken at institutional level for interventions regarding the improvement of the status of Romanian children and the consolidation of the family. For this analysis the stakeholders (representatives of central and local, public and non-governmental, national and international organizations) have been consulted as well as the children (by means of a focus group where the children of SOS Village and children of the community participated)[1].
children at risk of losing parental care; parenting; child protection; child abuse; childhood; foster care.
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[1] The research was funded by SOS Kinderdorf. This document offers the information necessary for supporting the SOS Children’s Villages Romania in the elaboration of a strategy for developing their programmes taking into account the needs existing in Romania, the current tendencies to amplify some problems, public policies, available resources and the organization’s strategic objectives regarding children support. The current document will help SOS Children’s Villages Romania to focus their resources and to develop programmes and activities in the locations where there is the greatest need and in the areas of support where the effects will have the greatest impact. This will help realise the main strategic aim of SOS Kinderdorf.